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Its all about the flowers

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Click on a table ro see what your flower choices mean.

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A - C                                 C                                    C - G                              G - H                               I - L

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Are you having trouble deciding what flowers to have for your wedding bouquet?  This guide may help you decide.  

Some flowers can be available throughout the year when not in season but rwill be a lot more expensive, so it is best to choose flowers that are in season.  

Your florist can give you all the information you need.  They can also help you with a colour scheme.

Your colour choices are usually based around your wedding colour scheme but you may want to decide what colour to have by using the colour guide chart or you may wish to choose your flowers by their meaning.  

Another way to choose your flowers is by your star sign.  So if you are an Aries you could have red roses or you could combine both bride and grooms star signs.  

You spend a lot of money on your wedding bouquet and floral arrangements and not many brides know that they can have their bouquet preserved. There are several ways of doing this.  The first is by having your bouquet pressed & framed.  This is very popular as you end up with a 3D image of your bouquet in a picture frame of your choice.  Each flower is taken apart and the petals are pressed individually.  The flowers are then reconstructed and mounted onto fabric to resemble your bouquet.  This process takes about six weeks.

Another method is to have your flowers freeze dried.  The end product is displayed in either a box frame or a frame with domed glass.  The flowers are dried in a special machine.  The flowers are dried whole so your bouquet needs to be very fresh.

Bouquet Preservation

Bouquet styles Bouquet styles (2)

Bouquet Styles

Floral Colour Guide

Key points to remember when choosing your bouquet

A smaller bouquet looks better with a knee length dress.

If you are small do not choose a large bouquet.

If you are a larger frame a trailing effect will draw attention away from your hips.

There are no rules with flowers so choose whichever style you feel comfortable with.