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At one time small cakes were thrown at the bride when she first entered the new home.


In a leap year a woman can propose to a man but did you know she should be wearing red petticoats?  

If he refuses to marry you he must buy you a silk gown!

So its an expensive answer either way.

Did you know?

Wedding rings are traditionally a plain band of gold.  The unbroken circle signifies eternity and the pure gold stands for purity of intent.

For Luck

Traditionally the bride and groom would lead the wedding party on foot to the chuch across fields.

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Shoes were once considered to be symbols of authority and possession.  The brides father would hand over one of the brides shoes to the groom.  This was considered transfering the authority over to her husband.  This started the tradition of tying old shoes to the bride and grooms leaving carriage.

Throwing rice at the newlyweds is a traditional way of wishing the bride and groom many children.

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The word Trousseau comes from the French trousse meaning a small bundle of valuables that was originally given to the husband.

After the speeches and toasts the bride & groom cut the cake.

It is traditional to hold the knife upside down for luck.  The bride holds the knife in her right hand with the grooms right hand on hers and  her left hand on top.

Never try on your complete bridal outfit until you leave for the ceremony.

Leave home with your right foot.

A kiss from a chimney sweep is considered good luck.

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Carry a silver coin.

Its considered good luck if you see a grey horse or spider on the way to church.

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Favour History

Favour boxes originated in Italy many centuries ago.  They are given to celebrate special occasions.  Favour boxes generally contain sugared almonds, these symbolise, fertility, happiness, health, long life and wealth.